Rejoice! And Again I Say Rejoice!

Worship at Trinity

At Trinity we have a lliturgical syle of worship.  What does that mean?  It means in our worship we have confession; we have sung and said prayers; we have preaching from scripture; we hear the Bible read to us; we give our offerings in response to all God has done for us; and we gather around his table to celebrate his presence in Holy Communion.  This makes us liturgical.

During worship at Trinity you can expect to hear a variety of musical instruments and voices helping to lead our worship.  From the Votteler-Holtkamp Pipe Organ to the Praise 2 U worship band to the children's percussion band, you will experience many ways to lift up your voice in praise to God. 

Monthly Worship Format

First Sunday               Worship and Praise with Holy Communion

Second Sunday         Service of the Word

Third Sunday             Traditional Liturgical Worship with Communion

Fourth Sunday          Healing Worship with Laying on of Hands