Trinity Lutheran Church

 Our vision is for Trinity Lutheran Church to become a safe place for neighbors to belong, believe and become.


When we envision the future we see Trinity as the kind of place where you can come to simply belong. It is a natural human need that all of us have to find a place of community where we can simply be without expectations to look or perform in a certain way. Trinity is the kind of place where you can just be yourself.  

We see a community that values the contribution of every person.  We believe in seeing people for who they can be through a relationship with Jesus.  Simply put, everyone matters to God.  This means we have a place for everyone and that no one should fall through the cracks. 

We dream of a community where it is normal to see people exchange lives filled with hurts, habits and hang ups for lives filled with peace, laughter and a renewed enjoyment for living. We can see inviting friends, neighbors and families to experience real faith for real life.


We believe in reproducing disciples through an intentional process of training and equipping members to live out the six marks of discipleship. We dream of an ever expanding network of small groups where people can develop real relationships in the context of biblically functioning communities. We see our members becoming ministers and leaders who model life in Christ. We see people unlocking their gifts and talents in all areas of life. Lives of purpose, meaning, and significance will be found by people seeking God with all their hearts. We dream of inviting men, women, boys, and girls to discover what God will do through lives totally committed to Him.


We will measure spiritual maturity by the ability to love the unlovely. We dream of a compassionate outreach to the hopeless, helpless, hurting, depressed, and disillusioned people in our town with a big heart and real answers from the word of God.