Trinity Staff

Rev. Robert Akins will be Trinity's interim pastor for the next seven months(beginning the end of January, 2018). He says: "I am used to being addressed as PB which is easy for all to remember. I am a second career pastor having been a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) for 40 years. I last worked at both Miami Hospital and Dayton Children's Hospital. I have been married to Donna for 50 years and we have four grown children.Donna retired from nursing last August after 50 years of pediatric nursing. Both Donna and I are from central Iowa and have our roots in the agricultural community.. We have lived in Englewood for the past 25 years, and we enjoy visiting our children and our nine grandchildren. Andrew and his family live in a suburb of Atlanta GA. Sarah and her family live in Clayton, Deborah and her family live in Dover OH, and Peter with his family live in Belmont MA- a Boston suburb.
I enjoy gardening and bicycling, and leading worship. Donna and I enjoy going on cruises with the next one scheduled in April/May of this year as a celebration of our retirements and fifty years of marriage. We are looking forward to being a part of the Trinity Family in the coming months!
We welcome you, Pastor Akins!


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